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Drekar is providing staffing and long term employee rental services for companies in Scandinavia and Western Europe since 2014.

Looking for employees?

Looking for a job?

Looking for employees?

We specialize in providing employees for road transport, shipbuilding and metal processing industries, but also provide human resource for some different business types. If you need more employees for expansion or want to balance your human resource costs and long term obligations, we can assist you finding right persons for your business either for direct hiring or for long term rental, whichever is more convenient. In case you decide to choose rental, we will employ in our company skilled specialists under your specification and provide them to your location as placed personnel to be operated by you same way as your regular employees. This will give you certain advantages:

  • Agreed fixed flat rate cost on workplace per calendar day.
  • No sick leave, vacation payments and taxes on employees – these are paid by us.
  • No social or other long term obligations towards employee.
  • Free replacement of employee in case of quitting or nonconformity.
  • All year round 7/24 availability, including Christmas and Easter.

  • All employees are fully insured while employed at our company based in Poland and Lithuania. We provide social insurance A1 forms as per EU regulations and payment extracts in case needed to present for local professional unions or controlling institutions to justify sufficient employee earnings. We are available for inspection any time agreed or can undergo needed client’s local certification if necessary.

    A1 certificate (formerly E101) is a form used to confirm the country in which an employee currently pays their social security contributions. According EU directives, an individual can be subject to only one country’s social security at a time.

    Posted Workers Directive 96/71/EC and 2018/957/EU amendment indicates that an employee temporarily working in another EU/EEA member state would normally be required to pay local social security of that member state on the day of arrival. However, by using an A1 certificate the employee can evidence their current social security contributions in other country so that they are not obliged to pay social insurance contributions elsewhere. This way we can save costs to your business, planning taxation efficiently.

    In order to proceed with our hiring or rental services, we need to receive from you short business description, number of workplaces to be filled and detailed description of required position. Feel free to contact us:

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